Human Growth Hormone Supplements Unraveled

middle aged manHi, and welcome to my webpage about the amazing Human Growth Hormone.

I’ve started this website since I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this topic but found out that a lot of information has been scattered all over the internet.

While it only seems natural to me to learn as much as you can about something important as your health and well being, some people prefer a shorter route and take the trial by error approach.

So let me help you first understand the basics of what this hormone is about and how it can help you.

The Reason why HGH is called “The King Hormone”

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a matter that all of us have, both men and women.

It is something natural within us and is already made available for use immediately after birth.

These human growth hormones are one of the natural hormones which are specifically secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland located just below the brain.

These hormones are made available due to a specific purpose in the body. That is to take command over other hormones in the body.

It’s production stimulates the production of other hormones such as testosterone in men, progesterone and estrogen in women and many others. This is the very reason why it is called the “king-hormone” in the human system.

Testosterone actually depends on Human Growth Hormone

testosteroneNow, could you imagine what life has to offer without the existence of the king hormones – human growth hormones?! If not, let me proceed with the details.

Since it takes command over the other hormones, growth, development and stability of the different parts of the body take root from it. And remember that everything in the body seems to create a web of functioning. Take the production of testosterones for example.

Testosterone is a hormone which is responsible in the growth, development and stability of the male primary and secondary characteristics. That includes muscle and bone formation, strength and vitality, virility, production of body hairs, deepening of the voice and sexual desires.

It projects manly characteristics. As a man, can you imagine yourself without or lacking testosterones in you? I guess not!

Testosterones take root with human growth hormones. Therefore, the minimal production of testosterones or the stoppage of its production is a result of a human growth hormone deficiency.

I guess after reading these stuffs of reality check, you yourself could have a firm stand in taking care of yourself and facilitate the enhancement of the production of human growth hormones in you.

When secretion begins…and depletes!

During our childhood years, the production or secretion of the human growth hormones in the body is at its greatest number because these are the times that the growth and development in the body is fast changing.

The peak of its production happens during puberty. The HGH functioning is very essential in this phase of life wherein various changes occur in all areas of life.

As we grow a bit older, around mid-adulthood onwards, the natural hormones in our body start to decrease dramatically because the need for their functioning becomes less. Our body doesn’t need it for growth and development.

Body changes occur and are becoming visible to the naked eye…

happy coupleWhen we reach our 30s, we start to worry of the many changes that are happening in our body.

This is brought by the depleting level of human growth hormones in the body which is natural to us. Changes are more visible as we reach our 40s and so on.

These are the days wherein we become very particular with how we look since these are the times when we could feel the so-called “aged days” of our lives and we start to feel old and helpless.

So, let’s make a list of what aging could give us. Here are some!

  • Wrinkles and sagging muscles
  • Reduction of bone density and muscle mass
  • Increase in fat reserves especially in the abdominal area
  • Reduced brain functioning and memory
  • Reduced strength and vitality
  • Decreasing sexual desire and functioning
  • Anxiety and depression
  • High cholesterol and diabetes
  • And other malfunctioning of the body

Those listed above are just few to name. There are lots of changes the body could feel when they get through the stage wherein aging occurs. Does it mean we have to say goodbye over having a great and fun-filled life? No! There is something we can do.

Human growth hormones are considered as a breakthrough in the medical science since it is proven to be of great help in the overall process.

Finding its competitive advantage however requires diligence in finding out the results it can give to us. Remember that it is always easier said than done. So let’s focus a little more to see what the options are.

What Alternatives are there for HGH intake ?

HGH Injections

Injectibles are known to be the most effective way of infusing a medicine into the body because it is directly infused in the bloodstream which gives way to faster or immediate body responses.

This is the route which many celebrities and other known personalities are using because it is quite effective and fast responding.

However, many issues are thrown up with this kind of method of infusion simply because injecting HGH in the blood stream costs much.

In the latest update, one could almost spend $1,000 to $2,500 per month just to reach the effective level of human growth hormone in the body. at the same time, it is quite risky to take because of its faster effect.

HGH Oral Sprays

Another route used for HGH infusion are oral sprays. This is the route that had been controversial amongst all since there are arguments that are saying “HGH is a big molecule that can pass through the membranes of the mouth”.

There are also claims that oral sprays acquiring HGH are paired with polymers to increase its absorptive property.

But no studies are shown, yet, that these are effective and real because polymers are larger molecules than the human growth hormones. So, how come they could help HGH in passing through the membranes? Could you imagine?!

HGH Supplements and Pills

Another method used for HGH infusion is in the form of supplements and pills. These are in the form of tablets and capsules that are orally taken in following the route of the digestion process.

According to research, HGH pills and supplements are best taken before going to bed because the pituitary gland works best when we sleep.

The best HGH supplements and pills are those whose contents are carefully assessed and evaluated, whose process are cautiously studied and whose nutritional contents are coming from natural ingredients such as herbs.

This is something that needs proper attention because most scams are coming from these claims. Some are made from synthetic ingredients but are claimed to be purely natural.

Taking in natural HGH releasers is the safest and low cost option available in the market today.

However, confusion starts the moment one has to choose what supplements to use. How can we know that the pills and supplements we are taking are made of natural herbs and not with synthetic fillers?

How can we know that these supplements are effective to use?

With this, I did my own research and investigation and found out some simple yet helpful key points I’ll be sharing with you in a moment.

This is to help me and the readers gain reliable information because I do believe that no one could ever dare sacrifice one’s health just to remain the youthfulness one ever wanted. So this is it! I discovered that there are…

3 Best HGH supplements in the market today!

Amidst the tightness of the competition in the market, we are glad to find three products that manifest good quality products which we can use towards increasing the production of HGH.

Based on massive research, these products are GenF20 Plus, GenFX and Hypergh14x.

GenF20 Plus

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GenF20 Plus is rated as the number 1 HGH releaser in the market today.

It has a goal of releasing its maximum potency by combining its enteric coated tablets with oral sprays.

It is branded as the most complete HGH releaser ever created which ensures its consumers that they are receiving the right amount of dosage to avoid overuse.

GenF20 Plus brings you the daily supplement plus the oral spray with Alpha GPC (a known HGH booster).

This made it different from the rest. This is where it takes its effectiveness that leads to its many positive results.

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As said by their promotional text, “help combat the effects of aging and live your life to the fullest with GenFX”.

Indeed, medical records had found sound results in people who are using this product.

It uses natural amino acid to boost the production of the human growth hormones in the body.

At the same time, phosphatides and phytosteroids are also found in its formulation to enhance the effectiveness of its purpose.

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HyperGH 14X

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Another product in the market that is known to be of good quality is Hypergh14x.

It is known for its tag line “boost genetics to enjoy massive gains of lean muscle with HyperGH14x – the most effective way to naturally and legally maximize pure muscles!” this HGH releasers maximize the potential in boosting the production of HGH in the pituitary gland to enhance muscle formation and decrease fat formation.

Like GenF20 Plus, HyperGH14x is in the form of enteric coated combined with an oral spray to maximize its potency.

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The above stated rankings are based on our intensive research that is primarily based on quality, customer satisfaction ratings and testimonials coming from those consumers who had find joys in using them.

100% No Risk Moneyback Guaranteed Products

Aside from those must-haves in research, another thing which I find great and credible about these products is the manufacturer’s name. They are companies which are with credible and reliable standards and are of good reputation.

You can trace back their transaction history and find them very particular with every details of their product.

They are very confident even to offer you a money-back guarantee if products are not efficient within a given time frame.

That is why GenF20 Plus and GenFX are my best choices.

There is no harm in trying. The best about these products, GenF20 Plus, GenFx and HyperGH14X, is that they are guaranteed without side effects because of its natural and pure ingredients.

At the same time, we are out of worries from thinking of its effectiveness and efficiency and from spending money without seeing results because these are with money-back guarantee.

GenF20 Plus is giving their users a 67 – day guarantee while GenFx and HyperGH14x are giving a 60 – day guarantee.

Thus, you can use any of these products without hesitations and see the results for yourself. You won’t know unless you try. And, who knows, this could be the one you’ve been waiting for quite so long to attend your needs towards staying young inside out.

Beauty creams could not aide you with prolonged treatment. They are basically superficial and can only give you temporary help. So why not go for something that moves deep within? Something that gives you solution that targets the root cause of your problems? See my point?

I understand your struggles in choosing which one to choose. That is why I encourage you to do your research and investigation too to verify what I was stating here. The best thing to do is to see it for yourself. Right? So say goodbye to those false claims and let the truth prevail. Never spend again for nothing. Make sure that its all worth it!

So move up and seek for changes towards a younger looking and a healthier new you. Make the fountain of life overflow and check the details of changes it brings to you. Who knows, you can find your perfect match too!