Relation between Human Growth Hormone and Anti-Aging

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone which is formed in a gland.

A pituitary gland is small and pea shaped gland found at the bottom of the brain. The main purpose of this gland is to improve the growth among kids and in grownups it helps in functioning of the tissues and organs all through our life.

It plays a very important role in the functioning of the vital organs of the body. Some of the other functions of this hormone is in growing the mass of the muscles, developing the bode structure, and in controlling the sugar and insulin levels in our body.

As our age increases the level of this hormone comes down.

Like most hormones as the age of a person increases the hormone levels also tend to show a decline, same applies for HGH. Decline in the levels of this hormone is normal as age increases.

HGH has recently seen an increase in consumption in the form of supplements as a very popular anti-aging product.

HGH is administered in the form of daily injections as other ways have not shown best results as compared to injections. It can be administered in the form of pills or nasal sprays to help stimulate the discharge of HGH.

People whose body lacks the ability to create HGH, these supplements are proven to be very effective. Such people have claimed to have more energy levels after being on HGH supplements. The users of HGH have felt a lot younger. Some researchers have also proved it to be a placebo effect.

The injection form of synthetic HGH is obtainable through a prescription. It is prescribed by physicians if they find there is a deficiency of this hormone and need to be checked.

This deficiency is very rare in adults, but found in children if that is hindering their growth process. HGH supplements increases the bone density, muscle mass, and helps in increasing the overall energy levels. The cost of these supplements is one of the major factors, as it is slightly expensive.

Some researchers have proved the benefits of HGH supplements as a successful anti-aging drug. Combined with regular exercise, and healthy eating habits, these anti-aging supplements beat the effects of aging effectively. HGH has also been used by many sports persons for building muscle mass.

Like with many supplements there are a few side effects of these hormonal supplements. Some of the noticeable side effects are joint swelling. The side effects are more among adults than in children.

Human Growth Hormones have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an anti-aging therapy. HGH is approved for use in children with its deficiency or for people with any disease that hinders growth. It is also prescribed to people with proven deficiency, and for wasting of muscles caused due to HIV.

Decrease in HGH is a very normal part of the aging process. There are options available in the market to counter the effects of aging, and HGH supplements are one such solution to beat age, along with exercise and healthy diet.