The Connection Between HGH, Libido And Age

The connection between HGH, libido and age is clearly demonstrated by how getting older negatively affects libido.

You must be aware of the link between libido and sexual consistency.

While most people believe that you will tend to lose your sex drive that you once possessed in your days as a youth; basically due to reduction in levels of testosterone in the body, the truth is quite different from this common perception.

HGH (human growth hormone) greatly contributes in everything associated with generation of cells, regeneration, duplication as well as repairing.

Growth hormone is generated by the pituitary glands that are situated in the brain.

These vital glands work effectively in the early days, particularly during your teen years.

It is the HGH which prompts the secretion of testosterone and ensures that you have a good sex drive level. As a result, you are able to enjoy an excellent and healthy libido.

As you grow older, the pituitary glands begin to secrete less HGH which leads to a reduced libido and thus your sex drive dwindles.

There are other numerous factors hastened by reduction of human growth hormones and some of the most common ones include decrease in energy levels, fatigue, loss of skin elasticity causing saggy skin and wrinkles and a host of other problems related to the immune system and metabolism among several others.

Therefore, it can be confirmed that cell generation, metabolism and immune system are all aspects that relate to sex drive in addition to the quintessential libido. Consequently, the pituitary glands will undoubtedly reduce the production of growth hormones.

Currently, there is no any other method to fully reverse this process or enhance the production of human growth hormones on your own except by the use of HGH supplements or injection.

For men, the negative effects of dwindling libido and aging start with erectile dysfunction, with the symptoms usually seen after 40 years of age.

Recent studies indicate that 2 percent of men in their forties suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction), with the statistics rapidly increasing to over seventy percent at the age of eighty.

The study also concludes that by increasing the HGH levels on the body, more than 75 percent of the respondents were able to sustain an erection with increased sex drive.

HGH supplements have a number of health benefits particularly for people who are above 40 years of age. Included in the plethora of health benefits that are offered by HGH supplements is how it effectively impacts on the sex drive of an individual.

Human growth hormone supplements offer the only natural and safe way to effectively prompt the secretion of natural growth hormones by the pituitary glands. Biologically, the natural growth hormones fool pituitary glands into secreting growth hormones.

This results in an increased sex drive to the level that was once very common during an individual’s younger days.

Growing older is quite natural as is the reduction in libido.

This explains the connection between HGH, libido and age. Fortunately, the human growth hormone supplements can often offer the most viable and easiest solution to give you back that former libido.