The Connection Between HGH, Libido And Age

The connection between HGH, libido and age is clearly demonstrated by how getting older negatively affects libido.

You must be aware of the link between libido and sexual consistency.

While most people believe that you will tend to lose your sex drive that you once possessed in your days as a youth; basically due to reduction in levels of testosterone in the body, the truth is quite different from this common perception.

HGH (human growth hormone) greatly contributes in everything associated with generation of cells, regeneration, duplication as well as repairing.

Growth hormone is generated by the pituitary glands that are situated in the brain.

These vital glands work effectively in the early days, particularly during your teen years.

It is the HGH which prompts the secretion of testosterone and ensures that you have a good sex drive level. As a result, you are able to enjoy an excellent and healthy libido.

As you grow older, the pituitary glands begin to secrete less HGH which leads to a reduced libido and thus your sex drive dwindles.

There are other numerous factors hastened by reduction of human growth hormones and some of the most common ones include decrease in energy levels, fatigue, loss of skin elasticity causing saggy skin and wrinkles and a host of other problems related to the immune system and metabolism among several others. Read more

How HGH Boosts The Sex Drive

Low sex drive and sexual dysfunction are quite common among both women and men.

As they grow older, they often tend to lose interest in having sex. While males experience low sex drive or libido and erectile problems, females experience arousal problems.

Another problem experienced by many women when aging is vaginal dryness. Sex appears to diminish in your life as you approach the middle age.

This could have a bad effect on your relationship or even marriage because sex plays a very important role in every relationship.

This is where the HGH comes in handy but how does HGH boost your sex drive?

All activities in your body are carried out due to chemicals present in the body known as hormones. These chemicals are also known as body messengers since they are secreted in the body’s endocrine glands. Read more

Do HGH Supplements Increase Libido For Women?

Libido refers to a person’s sexual drive or the capability to become sexually aroused.

Sex drive is a common, healthy part of day to day life for most people. However, there are some few others who have issues with their libido.

When women lose their sex drive, it can be very frustrating to them and their partner as well.

In the past, the main focus was on men’s sexual pleasure and performance.

Today, this has changed and women too are looking for ways to boost their libido. If you are a woman in this position and wondering how you can increase your libido, then HGH supplements is the way to go. Read more

Can Human Growth Hormone Increase Libido In Men And Women ?

Both men and women experience sexual dysfunction and low libido as they grow older.

The interest in sex declines. Whereas men deal with erectile problems and lower sex drive, women face arousal issues and vaginal dryness.

Sex starts taking the backseat as people and relationship issues begin to surface.

Extensive research and studies done on human growth hormone (HGH) has revealed a great deal of information on its role in preventing aging.

HGH, the master hormone, is responsible for the production of other hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, etc., in your body. These hormones regulate the sex drive and related functions in both men and women.

Results of a clinical trial indicated that 72% of the participants who took HGH supplements experienced an improvement in sex life. Whereas men reported higher libido and erections for an extended period of time, women experienced better sex drive, multiple orgasms and heightened pleasure.

Women also experienced improvement in vaginal lubrication. Read more