Hot flashes are a problem with older men – Know more about the causes

There are several causes to hot flashes experienced by men, as they grow older. Let’s study these factors in details and know how they affect our body.

1. Andropause

Menopause has always been regarded as a female problem since the past. Andropause or male menopause symptoms have been reported worldwide amongst 408 million men and amongst 25 million men all over the U.S.

Hot flashes are being experienced by men as one of the common signs of andropause. Male menopause is known to be the cause of hot flashes amongst males aged between 40 – 50 years.

Men often commit the mistake of assuming such hot flashes to be night sweats. We blame andropause to be the cause of our problems when hot flashes appear along with slow hair growth, weight gain and insomnia.

2. Aging Hormones

The androgen and testosterone content becomes less within a man’s body as he grows older. As the androgen level falls below the usual, it leads to PADAM or partial androgen deficiency of the aging male.

This is the reason behind the fall of testosterone production. Night sweats or hot flashes are experienced by a man when the levels of testosterone and androgen fall below the normal level.

A reduced sex drive experienced by a man is often cause by PADAM. It usually happens when the man reaches his 50’s, but it might also appear when he is in his late 30’s or late 60’s.

3. Tumor or Cancer

Under certain circumstances, male hot flashes are being caused by testicular or prostate cancer. The hormone level of a man gets affected by these two types of cancers. Hot flashes can be caused due to the fluctuation of hormone levels.

in touch with your doctor whenever you experience any testicular pain accompanied by night sweats and hot flashes. Apart from such cancers, a tumor present in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland may be the cause of hot flashes amongst men.

4. Treatments and Illness

At times medical treatments or an infection may form to the basis of such hot flashes with men.

Both women and men may experience hot flashes caused as a result of infections like tuberculosis and HIV. Hormone deprivation therapy is one of those medical treatments that lead us through hot flashes.

Men often face hot flashes due to medications such as nifedipine and calcitonin. Certain antibiotics (e.g. cephalexin), yield side effects like hot flashes in men.

5. Dietary Challenges

In the event you analyze a man’s diet, you’re likely to identify the reason behind hot flashes in males. At times, the food- additive MSG produces a reaction that causes hot flashes. You must maintain a record of all the food items that you consume over a period of time in order to determine the real cause behind such flashes.

Make a list of foods that possess MSG. MSG should be excluded from your diet for about two days when you experience hot flashes within a day of consuming foods that bear MSG.

MSG could be regarded as the primary cause behind your hot flashes if you don’t experience them within a day after completing cleansing. You must consult your physician whenever such concerns rise in your mind.