What are the biggest benefits of human growth hormone?

Human growth hormone generally is a known protein compound produced by pituitary gland.

The primary form consists of 191 amino acid chains. The hormone is involved in various bodily processes, the crucial one being development of skeletal and also muscular system all through an individual’s life.

Not only is the hormone required for normal physical growth but also helps in proper development of the brain.

Some of the biggest benefits of this hormone are discussed below.

Builds lean muscle

It helps to increase lean body mass, reduces recovery period between workouts and improves the overall performance. It helps to strengthen the ligaments and joints and also heals damaged tissue.

The hormone also encourages healthy weight gain, increases strength, promotes loss of fat and reduces loss of muscles during off period.

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

It helps to improve lung and cardiac functions and this in turn assists in lowering blood pressure.

The hormone also assists to increase good cholesterol levels and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

Increases metabolism

Human growth hormone plays a vital role in lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Generally, the hormone promotes protein anabolism in various tissues leading to increased uptake of amino acid, increase synthesis of proteins and reduced oxidation of proteins.

With enhanced metabolism and proper functioning of the heart, the body’s immune system is increased.

Weight loss

Human growth hormone aids to re-sculpt the body shape through automatic loss in fat and lean muscle toning without any rigorous exercise or diet. One is able to lose weight quickly especially around the abdominal part where it is difficult to eliminate the fat as we grow older.

Improves sexual performance

The sexual performance of an individual tends to gradually reduce as we age and it reaches its peak during puberty.

Human growth hormone is responsible for testosterone production and this means that low levels of human growth hormone in the body results to low testosterone production thereby leading to sexual dysfunction in men.

However, increasing the levels of human growth hormone leads to increase in testosterone production thereby restoring sexual drive as well as performance.

Wounds heal faster

Human growth hormone plays a major role in growth as well as development, repair of tear and wear and speeding up healing process. The hormone speeds up and enhances the healing of wounds as well as injuries significantly.

Increase bone density

As we age, hormonal changes that occur in the body causes a reduction in deposition and absorption of calcium as well as other essential minerals in our bones.

This makes the bones to be more porous, thinner, brittle and lighter thereby increasing the likelihood of developing fractures as well as injuries.

The hormone plays a significant role in supporting good bone density until the age of thirty years. After one attains the age of thirty, the levels of the hormone in the body drops considerably thereby affecting to a large extent bone mineralization.

Bone density is only healthy until the age of thirty years after which the bone density reduces, and this condition is known as Osteoporosis.