Do basketball players use HGH to grow taller?

Basketball players always look impressive and tall which leaves many people wondering whether they are in the game due to their height or they are tall because they are involved in the game.

Basketball is one of the sports that involve a lot of jumping as well as constant running. Sprinting is a consistent feature of the game which causes the body to start producing Human Growth Hormone also known as HGH.

It is therefore only normal to wonder, do basketball players use HGH to grow taller?

Human growth hormone is responsible for growth from when a foetus is developing in the womb.This growth spurts continue until you are an adult when growth is slowed down and eventually stops.

As you get older production of HGH starts to decline every year thus halting growth. HGH is made up of a complex set of amino acids and is released into the bloodstream through the endocrine system.

HGH is produced by the pituary gland which is located in the brain. The human growth hormone directs your bones to increase in size and strength thus enabling you to grow taller. The hormone is also responsible for repair of cells thus if older people get a way of producing HGH they are likely to look younger and robust.

One of the most effective ways of increasing your height and growing taller is through replenishing of natural HGH.

Since this hormone is produced by the pituary gland in the brain it is only natural to find ways and means of triggering the production of more growth hormones. Getting enough sleep is one of the ways that basketball players can increase the level of the growth hormone.

Your body recovers from the rigors, stress and damage of the day when you are asleep. Most basketball players who are quite tall usually have large quantities of HGH during growth.

Do basketball players use HGH to grow taller? The answer to this question is quite complex. Naturally athletes are tested at various events for various hormones which include blood testing to detect HGH.

Basketball players can only be tested at games or during practice, once they are off season there is no testing at all.

If players decide to use HGH or steroids all they have to do is time their cycle correctly. Currently the NBA has very weak policies on testing players which means they could be using HGH as there is no foolproof way to authenticate this due to the flaccid testing regulations.

It is possible for basketball players to increase or trigger the production of HGH naturally by taking certain HGH supplements as part of their diet. Players who opt to increase their HGH naturally ensure they have enough sleep, stretch regularly and include HGH supplements in their diet that have hormone releasers so as to encourage the production of the HGH.

The grow hormone helps players recover from injury faster thus is ideal for basketball players. This effectively addresses the question; do basketball players use HGH to grow taller?