All that you wanted to know about the importance of sleep on human growth hormone and muscles

All of us are well aware that sleep is the recovery phase of the body. And recovery is the time when muscle growth takes place.

During sleep, the level of the human growth hormone in the body increases. This typically happens 30-45 minutes after a person falls asleep.

Hence adequate amount of sleep is important. This amount tends to differ in different people.

For some five hours is good enough while others may require more hours of sleep.

Basically, as long as a person does not require an alarm clock to wake up and is feeling rested and alert the next day, it means that he has slept well enough.

The fact remains that the the importance of sleep on human growth hormone and muscles cannot be overlooked.

This is because the best diet, exercise routine as well as supplement plan cannot compensate for inadequate sleep. This is due to the various beneficial aspects of sleep.

These include production of HGH, protein synthesis, brain cell restoration besides reduction in energy consumption.

Sleep is able to repair muscles and other tissues besides repairing the old and dead cells. This is because sleep is catabolic to muscle growth. Even if any protein has been consumed prior to sleeping, the protein synthesis will be taking place in the gastrointestinal tract only and not the muscles.

During sleep, muscles get broken down in order to provide the stomach with amino acids as this is a period of starvation for the stomach.

In addition, the human growth hormone gets produced during this time. In fact, nearly 60-70% of this hormone gets secreted during the first phase of sleep itself.

What this means is that inadequate sleep will result in the production of less HGH in the body. Thus sleeping has a profound effect on the overall development of the body as well as on muscle growth.

Another impact of sleep on human body is that the consumption of energy is lowered in a major way. In case of no sleep, the intake of meals and calories would have to be increased in a massive way.

In addition, sleep ensures that the meals taken in during the day are used to replace energy as well as to rebuild muscles.

While sleeping, even the brain is resting. Actually, during this time the brain is recharging. What this means that once the brain has rested well enough due to adequate sleep, it will be in a state of alertness the next day.

This will help to increase concentration as well as enhance the concentration of a person.

All this has indicated the importance of sleep on human growth hormone and muscles that simply cannot be ignored.

Hence people who are not able to sleep well need to take steps in order to ensure that they get adequate rest. In case they are not able to get adequate hours of sleep during the weekdays, they should try to complete their sleep during the weekend. Also, taking naps during the day will also help.