The How’s and Why’s of HGH in Muscle Development

Human growth hormones or HGH has been dubbed the “King of Muscle Development.”

This is largely because of the fact that it can stimulate growth of new muscle cells without the common side effects related to anabolic steroid use.

Many professional athletes and muscle builders use this to develop the muscles they need for their rigorous routines.

If you are aiming for muscle development, HGH does not work alone. It needs to be paired with exercise, diet and training with weights to increases the body’s metabolism of fats.

This makes the mitochondria work double time, thus hastening protein synthesis. The end result would be enlarged and powerful lean muscles.

HGH can be taken orally via pills and capsules or oral sprays. This is cheap and not as effective as doing it intravascularly. The downside though with injections is that they are a bit pricey and has a high risk for overdose.

You can see visible muscle development with this faster though.

There are also HGH supplemental stimulants. This stimulates your pituitary gland to produce your own growth hormones. This is generally safer than other forms of HGH therapy, but takes a longer time to take effect in increasing muscle development.

The common effect of this is the noticeable muscle development. These are lean muscles that shape up your body in all the right places.

Unlike anabolic steroids, the good thing about using HGH for muscle development is that it does not simply store water. These are permanent muscles that will not easily disappear when hormone therapy is withdrawn. This drug is also harder to test and trace among athletes.

Not only does this hormone increase the number of muscle cell in the body, it also increases white blood cells that fights off infections in the body.

The red blood cell production is also helped. Overall, your immune system derives great benefits from this job because a common illness caused by virus and bacteria are kept at bay.

This drug increases an athlete’s stamina causing a briefer recovery time or rest period before moving on with the next routine. It elevates an athlete’s endurance because it helps provide the needed energy for his or her own workout.

In turn, the overall performance is greatly improved. Besides the muscle development, it can also make your joints and ligaments stronger.

Other benefits include increasing mental alertness and efficiency. This also includes increased focus on assigned tasks.

For those who want to look young and feel young, HGH also helps in cell regeneration. It keeps your skin and your body in the peak of health and youth. Wrinkles are visibly reduced because your skin thickens and elasticity is improved. The nails and hair also thickens and becomes stronger.

It has also been observed to change gray hairs back into their natural color.

Do you also know that HGH also increases ones libido? It stimulates desire to do the act, and also increases the occurrence of the orgasm. Talk to your doctor for advice on the correct usage, dosage and frequency of use of HGH because other than increasing muscle development it also has other detrimental side effects.