Comparing side effects between HGH supplements and injections

HGH is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

It comes in different forms; HGH injections, supplements and sprays. The two best choices of using HGH are injections and supplements, as they both have the same effect, and are known to increase the amount of HGH in the body.

HGH injections are considered the purest form of growth hormone which requires a prescription from the physician to use it. But, the supplement form can be bought without a prescription from the physician.

Comparing side effects between supplements and injections:

Taking HGH injections are considered safe when used under the guidance of a registered medical practitioner. But obviously, it does not rule out the chances of side effects altogether.

Even under medical supervision, few dangers are likely to occur with HGH injections, which includes acromegaly, low blood sugar, elevated cholesterol levels, liver damage, thyroid damage, joint and muscle pain, heart enlargement, edema, abnormal fat distribution, gastrointestinal upset, risk of Hodgkin’s syndrome, swelling and hardening of the arteries, gynecomastia, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased risk of cancer, and reactions on the injected site.

The most troubling side effects of using injections are that the body may slow down the production of growth hormones that is needed to meet its requirements.

Compared to injections, HGH supplements are safer options as they contain vitamins and amino acids to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormones. While taking HGH supplements, the person is not actually taking the hormone.

HGH releaser is taken which stimulates the body to secrete the required quantities of growth hormone. Thus, the side effects are fairly reduced with HGH supplements.

However, overuse of HGH supplements may create certain side effects in the body. This makes it essential to take HGH supplements under the supervision of a health care professional. But, the side effects associated with these supplements are marginal compared to those of injections.

The patient may experience some behavioral adjustments, and they could not sleep well due to increased energy. The other side effects due to overuse of HGH supplements are similar to HGH injections.

Significance of comparing HGH injections and supplements:

The significance of comparing HGH injections with supplements is that, HGH injections are fast acting compared to supplement form. But, the downside of injections are that it can cause serious side effects if used in excess than what is required for the body or used without a medical consultation.

Since each individual is different, the significance of HGH side effects also vary in their response to this hormone therapy.

Limiting the duration of treatment may considerably reduce the side effects caused by hormone therapy. Also, caution should be observed when taking it, and a health care provider should monitor the levels of growth hormone in the body. This is because, this hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary glands, and sometimes it may reach to abnormal levels during therapy.

HGH, in any form may possess some side effects on the individual.

HGH injections are FDA approved and used under the supervision of medical professional. However, side effects due to HGH injections are highly possible due to high levels of hormone and its fast acting nature.

But, HGH supplements are considered safe compared to injections, as it contains only HGH releasers that help the body to create the right level of hormone necessary for the body to function properly.