Human growth hormone uses and side effects

Human growth hormone uses and side effects have become one of the sensational topics of discussion in these days.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can be described as a peptide hormone that can be found in the human body. HGH influences different functions in the body like regeneration, process of growth and cell production and various studies have shown that it plays an important role in addressing issues like chronic growth disorders in children and adults.

Synthetic HGH was developed in the year 1985 and since then it has been widely used to address different types of health problems.

Synthetic HGH got the FDA approval for specific uses in children and adults. In children, this hormone is being used to address genetic disorders like Prader-Willi syndrome and Turner’s syndrome.

It is also being used to treat chronic kidney insufficiency and HGH deficiency and in adults, HGH has been found really effective Muscle-wasting disease related with HIV/AIDS, Short bowel syndrome and HGH deficiency due to pituitary tumors.

A lot of people make use of HGH supplements for various purposes like developing memory, improving the immune system and increasing cognitive abilities.

Different people make use of this unique supplement to promote muscle growth and also to improve regenerating capacity of the cells.

A huge number of people have enjoyed the benefits associated with HGH and on the other side; it has to be dealt with great amount of care. Though there is tremendous amount of acceptance among a huge number of people the topic, ‘human growth hormone uses and side effects’ will have to be assessed in a detailed manner.

Side effects associated with HGH deserve a careful consideration because some of the side effects include hypoglycemia, fever, physical fatigue, joint pain, extended belly, acromeglia and fluid retention.

It is absolutely essential to seek the help of an endocrinologist before using HGH and he/she will be in a much better position to advocate correct dosage. Most of the side effects that have been reported are mainly due to the wrong dosage and some people tend to ignore this aspect.

Medical practitioners will always prescribe HGH for a stipulated period of time and that is the best way of enjoying the maximum benefits attached with this supplement.

Another remarkable observation about synthetic HGH is that excess dosage can lead to serious health complications and insufficient dosage may not invite any benefits as well.

That is where the importance of correct dosage comes in and an endocrinologist is the best person to make the correct decision in such a situation.

Otherwise, extra dosage can lead to some of the serious complications like chest pain, bronchitis and high blood pressure.

HGH supplements can be divided into three categories and they include HGH stimulants, releasing agents and enhancers. Any top quality health supplement should be taken properly to avoid even the slightest possibility of side effects and HGH is not different.

It will bring huge amount of benefits if it is taken in the proper manner and perhaps, more than any other supplement available in the market. That is why human growth hormone uses and side effects always generate great amount of interest among a huge number of people.