HGH Products: Do They Really Work ?

The growth hormone, produced by pituitary glands present inside the brain, is an all natural hormone that is produced in varying quantities throughout a person’s life.

Good quantity of this hormone is produced in individuals that are less than twenty one years of age.

At this point, the body decreases production of this hormone and it results in aging. The human growth hormone or HGH can be considered a unique and highly essential hormone, as no other hormone functions in the way HGH does.

Using HGH products such as HGH supplements and HGH injections are the only way to introduce additional HGH into the body.

A study conducted in 1991 showed that increased amount of HGH can have following beneficial effects:

  • Less body fat
  • Better sex drive
  • Better muscle tone
  • Less wrinkles
  • Better memory
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better sleep
  • And overall increase in energy

Effects of Decrease in HGH Levels

The benefits mentioned above clearly show the value of HGH for an individual. As opposed to an increase in HGH levels, a natural decrease in HGH due to old age can lead to following problems:

  • Weakening of muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Higher BMI
  • Weakening of bones
  • Less energy
  • Bad eyesight
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Grey hair

HGH products: do they really work ?

Several studies have been conducted on the human growth hormone, and most of them indicate that introduction of HGH into the body via injections can be really helpful.

HGH injections can only be purchased after showing a valid prescription, but on the other hand HGH supplements can be bought by anyone. The two basic forms of HGH products are homeopathic HGH and HGH stimulators.

The stimulators don’t contain HGH; rather they are simple amino acids, while homeopathic supplements actually contain the growth hormone, which makes them the superior choice. Stimulators work to increase production of growth hormones inside the body, while homeopathic HGH products directly introduce growth hormone into the body and give quick results.

Anti-Aging Skin Products

The market is saturated with creams that claim to have anti-aging affects, and most of those creams actually work, but these results are not permanent.

Aging should be stopped from the inside, and for a longer period, which is why using HGH products is usually the right choice. Higher levels of HGH in the bloodstream will start making you younger and stronger, and skin texture & tone will also be improved.

Things to Consider Before Using HGH Products

There are numerous HGH products available in the market, and they are divided into two basic classes as mentioned above.

While choosing an HGH product, assure that you are purchasing a well reputed brand. HGH isn’t dangerous in itself, but some companies produce products that include synthetic ingredients and lead to health problems.

Medicine companies having good reputation never claim anything that their products can’t do, and that is why their products are safe to use. An individual should surely consult his/her general practitioner before using HGH products, as doctors can examine the person’s physical condition and give better advice.

The doctor can also provide guidance about the type of HGH product that is useful for an individual.